La Vida – The Travel Café

How does planning your dream vacation while sipping on a delicious mocha sound? Add a flavor of travelers, just like yourself, and you are describing La Vida, the travel café. Tourists from Australia to Zimbabwe flock to the latest creation, started by four friends to share stories, plan trips, and of course, have some coffee.

What to do there

This was my first time hearing of a travel café, so I was excited when Shaswat Patel, Manish Asnani, Adithya Yagnik, and Harshal Patel; the founders of the cafe, shared the details. Patrons can come by, meet other tourists or travelers and get help planning their next trip. La Vida is not a travel service; it is a community. They do not charge a fee for asking questions or providing answers, you can “just pay what you like”. Fellow travelers can make travel plans, share stories and experiences while enjoying an amazing cup of chai tea. They are also the first café where outside food is allowed. What could be better?

In a casual environment, the seats and tables made from cane stock, with the map of the world against the wall, travel enthusiasts can meet experts in their own corner of the café. On the other hand, you can pick a travel book off the shelf and immerse in your own world; the books, of course, donated by other patrons.

Pick a spot, any spot

La Vida has events throughout the week, ranging from the sights to see when visiting Nepal to tips on improving photography on your next trip. What better to learn more about Germany than asking someone that recently came back from Frankfurt? I cannot wait to share my travels and my experiences with the patrons, and if you are in the area, I would be glad if you stop by.

Be it mountains or a beach, an adventure sport or tranquil meditation, travel in a group or meetup other solo travelers; La Vida can help you with your next trip. I hope to see you there

 How to get there

La Vida recently opened in Ahmedabad, India. Located in the exciting part of town, you are just minutes from the university or the fashion and jewelry district. You can follow their events and like them on their Facebook page, La Vida. Let me know how you liked the chai tea.

Safe Travels,


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