Beautiful British Columbia

Summers can get hot in Texas. What better place to get away from the scorching heat than British Columbia, Canada? We visited Vancouver and Victoria with high hopes for 3 days, and Vancouver did not disappoint! Mrs. CurryOnTravel and I cannot rave enough about Vancouver. A clean, beautiful, bike-friendly city; it provided a perfect summer escape. With a diverse group of cuisines and people; it was fun packing for this trip, as we needed hiking, swimming, and teatime gear.

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The Island of Capri

On the eight day of our trip, we took the ferry from Naples to the Island of Capri (pronounced Cap-ri). The island is 45 minutes by ferry from Naples, and if you take the 8 AM ferry from Molo Beverello, as we did, you can experience the bustling of the island on the port of Marina Grande. The hodge-podge of activity as tourists are coming and leaving the island, along with others taking a naval tour of the island, it is a sight to see. The small, but beautiful, Capri is the stuff of dreams with crystal-clear water, delicious food, and the sweetest of wines. The island encompassed one of the most photogenic 24 hours of our trip.

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Kerala – the Spice Garden of India

Kerala is known as the land of many things: God’s Own Country or the Land of the Coconut Trees; but, to us, it’ll be known as the Spice Garden of India. Even though my wife and I were born in India and lived there for some time, we have never visited Kerala. Kerala is the southernmost state of India, towards the edge of the Indian Ocean. Continue reading “Kerala – the Spice Garden of India”