About Me

Do we really need another travel website? For a long time, my answer was “no”. I did not see a reason to start a blog or a site to talk about exotic or local places to travel since there were countless other options. However, after visiting a few places I started to notice some differences. Not all the travel websites or magazines have my wife and I, two young couples on a budget and limited travel time, in mind.

My zest for travel began about the time I started dating my future wife. We both work corporate jobs full-time that allot about 3 weeks of vacation time a year. We have always talked about “working-to-live” instead of “living-to-work” so we began to get creative with our paid-time-off schedule by negotiating with our bosses and working weekends so we can travel the world. Once I even negotiated working remotely from another country, on the other side of the world.

The vacations and posts that I have are from a perspective of a recently married couple traveling on a budget. We are also vegetarian, so from time-to-time I’ll highlight places that accommodate for vegetarians, or the vegetarian options to explore. Our hacking skills to have an amazing vacation on a budget resonated with our family and friends, and from their encouragement I wrote our tips for smart and fun travel from the amazing experience we have had.

I appreciate you dropping by and sharing your experiences with me. Feel free to ask me additional details or if you need any help planning the trip. My purpose is to get everyone with limited vacation time to use it more and travel the world. We are all on a journey and ours is marching on.

Safe Travels,